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#99c Hot Contemporary Pride and Prejudice Variation

They say I got a lot of pride. Well, baby…they’re right. I also have a giant…ego.

There’s really no words to describe how insanely gorgeous she is. Her job is to tempt men. Well, she’s tempted me. She wants to get a rise out of me. Well, she’s causing things to rise…that’s for sure. But Lizzie Bennet is more than that. She’s got a lot to offer.

And I’m going to buy it all.

I can buy anything I want with my billions of dollars. I’ve never bought love. Never needed to. I mean, I am Darcy, after all.

You think I'm proud? You bet I am.

Women give that to me for free when they see my body. My 8 pack abs. And bedroom eyes. Sure, I got competition for her favor. My rival, Wickham, won’t stop till one of us is dead. He’s got his sights set on this Bennet Babe too. He thinks he’s going to beat me.

Anyone wants to try to stop me doesn’t know that I’m going to play dirty. Because it’s time to take this classic story… And make it very, very filthy.

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