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Must-Read MM Romance

Henry’s new job as maintenance man in the prestigious Baudlin Towers should be a piece of cake, but when he meets Will, the young, haughty omega living in the top floor, that idea goes out the penthouse window. After Will leaves Henry trapped in an elevator, orders him around for no reason, and rudely dismisses him, Henry is ready to hit the bar with his alpha buddies and forget all about his problem tenant. Except the cold omega prince in his lonely tower won’t get out of Henry’s head.

On paper, Will has the perfect life: he’s a world-renowned artist, wealthy enough to control his heats with suppressors and engaged to a man even richer than he is. He doesn’t need protecting or saving, and especially not by a middle-class, blue-collar alpha. Except there is something in Henry’s gentle eyes and strong arms that wakes Will up in a way that he can’t ignore.

Henry can’t stop feeling like Will needs him, wants Will is his. When he takes a chance and offers Will his friendship, both men are surprised when Will accepts. Even more surprising is how much they both need it. It doesn’t take long before their friendship becomes more, and Henry must claim and protect what is his or risk losing his mate forever.

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