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Hot Cops Boxset

Read the romance. Feel the Passion. Taste the love.

A bargain box set containing the first 3 steamy suspense romance novels in Emma Calin's Kindle best selling, Multi-award winning Seduction Series, PLUS a companion recipe book with live story links. Each story introduces a different female cop facing new challenges and dangers. Whilst the characters of these female officers are very different, they all share the same determination to stamp out crime and deliver justice in their own specialist field. They also share a healthy passion for the men they love. But what happens when duty and private lives combine? Can their relationships survive? Our heroines face international action and adventure as they solve mysteries, lock up the criminals and follow the path of true love to its ultimate goal. Seduction of Combat Anna Leyton, Interpol detective, is sent deep undercover to infiltrate a Mafia gambling ring. But, she falls in love with the target she's supposed to be monitoring – super fit champion boxer and international playboy, Freddie la Salle. Can love survive deception on this scale? What happens when her identity is revealed to the mob? A roller coaster ride of passion across continents - but just who is deceiving who? Seduction of Dynasty Shannon Aguerri is a maverick London street cop, sent to cool her heels in a quiet backwater. The son of the local squire arouses suspicions of illegal drug activity, but his father, the hunky widowed Earl Spencer arouses feelings altogether more passionate. Should a street cop even dream of being a countess? A jealous longstanding rival, already in the mix, is determined to do whatever it takes to thwart Shannon - but would she really stoop to blackmail or even murder? A slice of sleepy British rural life served up in a spicy adventure to break class barriers. Seduction of Crowns Sophia Castellana is a brave and loyal cop pulled into an international crisis after she rescues a young, high profile celebrity from a violent kidnap. He demands her as his personal bodyguard, and much more! She becomes entrenched in a political drama on a world stage. Can the wisdom of a humble street cop influence the future of a country. Can a cougar romance ever survive? A daring story of politics and passion, with a big dollop of French satire sauce. Seduction of Taste A tasty companion recipe book for the Seduction of Dynasty romance novel. Over thirty recipes to tantalise your tastebuds. If the lovers share a dish, you can try it too. With color illustrations, dual unit ingredients and clear instructions you’ll be savouring the passion at home in no time! Live links in the story jump you to the relevant recipe and you can skip back to the event from the instructions if you want to relive the moment from the book.

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