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#99c Secret Baby Romance

Take a good little girl like Elsa Rub her against a filthy brute like me What do you get? A very dirty little Angel...

She's got everything a man could ever want. Gorgeous. Brilliant. Pure perfection. Girl like that should be on my arm. Only problem?

We hate each other's guts.

Two CEO's with a decade of animosity. But now we've gone too far. Tit for tat is what it started with. A PR disaster is what we ended with. Now both our boards are ready to toss us into the gutter. The only solution?

A completely fake engagement.

Build back our reputations. Become darlings of the fashion world once more. Smile for the camera. As we whisper how much we hate each other.

But when you stand a little too close, things start to change. Hell, maybe I'll have some fun with this. Mix some of this work with just a little pleasure. It's a fine line. Filled with risks.

Because when it comes to business, it's always a game I play to win. And if I lose this one, I may just lose my heart.

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