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Featured KU Read: Just a Love Song

Everyone has their demons, and those who live the largest burn the fastest. Entertainment reporter Quinn isn’t excited for her assignment to go on tour with the hottest rock band of the century. It’s the stuff fan-girl dreams are made of, but Quinn is preoccupied with her terminally ill father back home. Every woman with a pulse might have a crush on the lead singer of Midnight Oil, but Quinn finds him just as fake as any other celebrity. Rock star Chris Shearon is lust-worthy. Tall, blonde, and ripped, with an Aussie accent sexy enough to charm his way into or out of anything. But his well-used charms are wasted on a jaded Quinn. The emotionally guarded reporter is focused solely on her job, and she will let nothing stand in the way. PR savvy Chris is determined to make sure the articles she’s writing are nothing short of flattering, even if it means seducing the woman writing them. As their two very different worlds become tangled, Chris’ dangerous habits reveal themselves, and Quinn must fight her instinct to bolt and never look back. But falling in love wasn’t on the agenda. Quinn could be the savior Chris has been seeking, or he could be her ultimate downfall.

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