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Hot 5* Romance Read

Dare to Love, the third smoldering read in S.B. Alexander’s Maxwell romance series, can be read on its own--as a sensual and touching love story. Unlike its two predecessors, which focused on the twists and turns of Kade and Lacey's young romance, Dare to Love revolves around the second but equally handsome and daring Maxwell brother--Kelton.

"I'm a knight in shining armor, I'm Prince Charming on a steed; I am Superman and Rocky, hell I'm all you'll ever need." Thus begins Kelton Maxwell's sarcastic ode to love. An impossibly sexy, cocky, charming college playboy, Kelton's got the world by the balls, and he has absolutely no interest in the trappings of romance, even if he'll admit it's made his big brother happy.

With devilish good looks as well as brains, Kelton’s got one foot in the door at Harvard Law. All he needs now is one prestigious internship at a highfalutin law firm to seal the deal.


A blast from the past smacks him right in the face, bringing back memories he tried to forget. Kelton swore he’d never go back--never put himself through that again. He’d rather pledge his allegiance to the devil himself before he drops to his knees to worship a woman, especially her.

He won’t dare to get close.

Won’t dare to let her in.

Can’t dare to love.

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