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A new sexy tale from the author of House Rules...

Alicia Trust is overrated. The day I came home and saw my father cheating on my mother, I vowed to never trust another man. Until I met Gabe. He flipped my world around and made me rethink everything I knew about trust, loyalty, and love. But will that be enough for me to hold on? Because I'm not sure he's telling me everything... Gabe Nothing will stop me from bringing down the evil in this world. The evil I escaped from. The evil I will never return to. Not even love. Who has time for that shit? Until I met Alicia and my entire universe changed. I can't involve her in my life without risking hers. I have to keep her safe, which means away from me. But sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes life takes you on an unexpected journey and one you will never forget.

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