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99c Must Read PNR

A few minutes pass as he cradles me deeper into his chest.

I notice a speck of blood on the floor, but don’t say anything about it. Not yet.

I can feel Mark’s lips against my hair, as he gently rubs my back.

This was my world now.

A swirl of incredible warmth—

And incredible violence.

WOLF. is the first of a three part supernatural romance series, all taking place within the same world. WOLF. explores the relationship between Lola, a seemingly average human girl and Mark, a noble-born wolf.

Lola is sarcastic, over-dramatic and currently single. She doesn't worry too much about her own romantic future, until she realizes that her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend are starting to get serious about each other. What will happen to Lola when her best friend is living the newlywed life? Will she spend the rest of her life as a third wheel?

Oh. There's something else about Lola, too. She can totally see werewolves.

She's been able to see them ever since she was a child, and has grown used to pretending she can't see them at all...

Until tonight.

Tonight, a werewolf is staring her down from across the street.

She's all alone, waiting for a ride.

Little does she know that this chance encounter will be the catalyst that throws her into a dark, beautiful, terrifying, blissful new world that she never even knew existed...


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