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Featured FREE Read: Vanish

Between the faces in the ice and the voices in the wind...I'm starting to think I'm losing it.

The end of high school is supposed to be full of photos, laughs, fun, drunken parties, college shopping, and excitement. But mine... well its looking more and more like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries every single day.

If Unsolved Mysteries had faces in ice walls and strange otherworldly clues.

One day I'm moving forward, playing video games with Ethan, surviving the animalistic ritual of senior prom, and the next day I'm sitting alone in silence, wondering how two people could just disappear into thin air. I dream about their faces, I feel my parents near, but no one can find them. But for me, this is no normal case closed vanishing act. The further I search the weirder it gets, and something in the back of mind is telling me fear is a good thing to have. Will that fear lead to my parents? Or will it twist my world until there's nothing left?

Read the prequel to the new series by International Best-Selling Author Stephanie Kline. A fantastical journey into realms beyond realms, and one spicy teen's journey to find the answers.

Excerpt From Vanish: The Frosted Realms Series Prequel

The scene flashed again, but I was no longer standing in an opulent gown. Instead, I wore tight black pants, a tank top, and a ragged brown satchel across my body. My feet were covered with knee-high, rugged black boots, and beneath their souls was a deep shimmering snow. From around me, I could hear a whisper. It was the same whisper I heard in the bathroom at prom.

My head shot up, and my eyes went wide as I stared at a wall of ice, frozen faces staring back at me. All the faces were fearful. All the faces were frozen in time, encapsulated in the ice. I stepped forward toward it, reaching my hand slowly out. Snow clung to the face of the frozen wall. My fingers pushed through the snow, feeling the solid ice beneath it. I rubbed my hand back and forth, revealing the faces.


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